🪄 Salty's Graphics Resources 🪄

I have been collecting .gifs from the Internet for many years, but my passion and collection increased tenfold once I discovered Gifcities and the countless graphics sites that have been archived over the last couple of decades. Leeknet is a massive work-in-progress and labor of love. I have tens of thousands of .gifs that I have been actively sorting and organizing for many months. At my last measure, the complete collection sits around ~50,000, but only ~10% are on the site currently.

FYI - A very small handful of these .gifs contain explicit content, so viewer be warned!

PRO TIP: Hold CTRL on your keyboard while clicking any of the .gif files to open them in a new tab.

If you are wanting to harvest a whole folder, I would recommend using curl or a download manager like Xtreme Download Manager or Internet Download Manager.

Leeknet Updates


  • Integrated Leeknet into my main website, saltedslug.net.
  • Setup a fancy Apache AUTOINDEX theming system I found on Github called ABBA on the web server so all the dynamic HTML pages look nice. :) Thanks to the code author for this bangin' system! I especially love that it generates ABBA lyrics on page errors.


  • Added a bunch of Spiderman .gifs to the POP CULTURE folder.
  • Added new .gifs to the MEDICAL folder.
  • Created new directories: MUSIC and SPORTS.
  • The "MUSIC" folder has some specific band stuff in it too, like Alice in Chains, Nickelback, Korn, etc. (lol)
  • Additionally - added subfolder "CARS" to the TECHNOLOGY directory.
  • Sprinkled in new .gifs to most of the main folders. :) Enjoy!


  • Added the ARROWS subfolder to the "WEBSITE-UI" section.


  • Added a new root category, FANTASY. This one has lots of fun medieval-type .gifs in it. I still have a TON of fantasy .gifs to sort through, so this category will grow quite a bit.


  • Initial publish date of the site. Added a few thousand .gifs to start.
  • I still have 20-30,000 to sort through and organize. I will try to update this section every time I add something new. Cheers!

More resources and links coming very, very soon!