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this site is a perpetual work in progress; i will post updates below as i complete my little tasks. the box is scrollable.

date update notes
  • ** started on my site credits page! added a lot of resources that i've used for the site.
  • ** changed the font for the headers; i kind of hate it, though. might go back to TNR.
  • ** added a cursor to the site, nothing fancy, just gary.
  • ** added a bunch of my stupid internet art to the *NEW* "webart" page
  • ^^ if you love kidpix and barbie don't miss this one ^^
  • ** added a new collage as well
  • ** added the rest of my scanned artwork to the "collages" page
  • ** added a to-do list to the site index
  • ** finished the landing for the "art & music" page
  • ** started adding some of my most recent collages to the new "collage" page
  • ** added this fancy table to the index so we can all track my site updates
  • ** added images to the "ideologies" section of the "about" page
  • ** reformatted the "movies" section of the "about" page (and added movie posters!!)
  • ** did some css tweaking and general maintenance
  • ** added a variety of my hyperfixations to the "about" page with lots of fun dropdowns and emojis
  • ** tweaked the sidebar to look better and less stressful
  • ** this is the date that i initially published the site.
  • ** i have since redone the styling after putting a few more weeks of learning css in my back pocket.


picture of a pc that says 'to err is human... to really foul things up requires a COMPUTER!'