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Howdy, Welcome to Salty's Lair!

Welcome all to my little corner of the World Wide Web! I'm Salty (F/20ish/USA) and I use she/her pronouns. I initially started this website in late 2022 to learn HTML/CSS and also to create a space for my art, interests, and hobbies. Over the past few months, coding websites has morphed into one of my greatest passions. I am so inspired by all the things the "indie web" is churning out, and I would love to make new friends in the community.

I have all sorts of stuff going on here, so have a click around the navlinks and the sidebar! I hope you like what you find. Please contact me if you find any weird issues with my code, have suggestions, or just want to chat. My contact links are available on my about page.

Happy scrolling, and don't forget to sign the guestbook!

- Salty

P.S. HERE is a link to my MelonTown deed for posterity. I will make a cool presentation page for it someday, but it lives here for now. 🖖
Also, here is my site button if you want to link back to Salty's Lair!

Site Updates

Like any website worth its salt, Salty's Lair is under perpetual construction. 😉

This scrollable table holds all my update notes. It isn't quite comprehensive because sometimes I forget to update it... but it's a semi-accurate roadmap! I try to add new things to the site as frequently as I am able. I plan to change the formatting of this section so it can be Atom-scraped, eventually.


Another tiny update as I near the third revision of my website! I've been working very hard on a total site overhaul (both visually and its code) for awhile now, and I hope to have it done soon. However, I did finally make an 88x31 button for my site. You'll find it on the index above. :) Enjoy and see you soon!

Tiny update today! I added a temporary spot for my Melontown Deed to the INDEX. I edited my bio and contact info a little on my ABOUT page, as well.

I finally started on the "MUSIC" section of my ABOUT page today. I'm not quite done, but it's a nice little scroll if you wanna know what bands I like the most. I plan to add little song clip previews to this section at some point down the road.

Added my STATUS.CAFE and iMOOD badges to the site header. :) Add me as a buddy on iMood if ya feel like it!
I am also still working on the TECH STUFF page. It is very unfinished, but I have lots of assets already prepped for it once it's all laid out!

Started on the TECH STUFF page today. This is the biggest and most ambitious part of my website that I've been planning for quite some time. Right now I just have a list of what will eventually be there, but I hope that gets some of y'all excited!

An additional update for today: I added a GUESTBOOK to the site! Stop by and leave me a note. :)

I completely reworked my ABOUT page today. Added a little bit of JavaScript (just for clicky buttons) and made it much easier to navigate. I also finished my "FAVORITE MOVIES" and "FAVORITE GAMES" sections. I hope someone out there appreciates my "gruffy old World of Warcraft guy" taste in PC games.

A new update, yay! Today, I finished the page on the site dedicated to my beautiful, way-smarter-than-me, sweet, kind, smokin' hot wife over on the SAPPHIC PAGE.

Added a new page today: the LINK FARM! This is an ongoing list of all my favorite websites along with brief descriptions of each. I had fun decorating this one.

I'm on a coding rampage today!!! <(*-*)> I have added a new page for my GIF COLLAGES. I also added quite a few entries to the SITE CREDITS page; check it out if you're interested in seeing the tools I use to develop the site.

Howdy, howdy. New update today: I have re-uploaded the WEB ART and DIGITAL ART pages. The HTML code is new and improved. I also redid the CSS and made both pages much easier to browse. I hope y'all find the humor in my goofy ass art.

It's been awhile! I have been working hard on what feels like a million different projects. I've made a few more websites since majorly updating this one, and I have also been busy making new music and art. However... I am finally ready to unveil my new site layout!

I have completely remade the site from scratch, aside from some of the text and images that I had used previously. Salty Slug 2.0 is far more responsive and well written code-wise, and I am very pleased with how it has evolved. I hope you guys like it!

I added TWO new pages today: 3D ART & DIGITAL ART. I hope y'all like browsing my art; I love to nerd out about this shit.

I started on my SITE CREDITS page and added a few of the resources that I've used for the site. This one's still a work in progress. I also added a cursor to the site, nothing fancy, just Gary. 🐌

I added a bunch of my stupid internet art to the *NEW* INTERNET ART page. If you love Kidpix and 2000s Barbie games don't miss this one! I added a new collage as well.

I added the rest of my scanned artwork to the COLLAGE page. Hope y'all like it.

I finished the landing for my *NEW* ART & MUSIC page. I also started on a section for my favorite movies, did some CSS tweaking, and general site maintenance.

I added a variety of my newest hyperfixations to my ABOUT page with lots of fun dropdowns and emojis. Check it out! I also tweaked the sidebar to look much better and less stressful.

This is the date I initially published the site after working on it for a couple of weeks. I have since redone the styling after putting a few more weeks of learning CSS in my back pocket.

This page last updated on August 28, 2023.